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“It was a great pleasure working with Carmen, and I enthusiastically recommend her to others looking to pare down mental and physical clutter. She was highly adept at understanding the unique needs of our household, and turning “Where do I even begin?” into a manageable process of prioritization and organization. She comes in with an experienced eye to discuss problems and envision solutions, then rolls up her sleeves to help get the job done.” Danielle Cheung, Bainbridge Island, WA


“As a mom with two children my house was becoming more and more disorganized and cluttered. I needed someone to help me make my house a home again, and Carmen was the answer! Carmen turned rooms, closets and cupboards that were overflowing and disorganized into beautiful spaces! I can breathe again in my own home. Thank you, Carmen!”  – Kierstin, Seattle


“Our lives and our house have been chaotic for years.  In fact, the word “chaos” is an understatement.  Bills have gone unpaid because we didn’t even know where they were, and it’s always been a lucky thing if there was a narrow pathway to get across any room.  We’ve been overwhelmed, and that has prevented us from making any progress; in fact, things have just kept getting worse.

Carmen is helping us to go through belongings and to separate the things we really want to keep from the belongings that just weigh us down.  Then, she’s helping us to find places for the things we keep and to organize our house so that it functions well and is a place we actually want to go at the end of the workday.

Moreover, she’s done all of this without judgement.  She doesn’t hand out shame for the current mess, she just helps take care of it!  We each have different organizational styles, and she works well with each of us in a manner suited to our needs.  Working with Carmen is proving to be a life changing experience.” – Carol, South Seattle


Working with Carmen was a pleasure.  She is professional, personal and hardworking.  She is respectful of the process of “letting go” of things that are difficult to let go of – she listens, but doesn’t dwell.  Best of all, she cleans up and takes care of donations.  My closet is still pretty organized since she has been here because we collaborated to find a system that might work.  And it did!  Thank you, Carmen.” – Jeannette, Ballard


“Carmen is the BEST!”


* organized my husband’s office

* took a pile of items stacked in a corner of the kitchen and put them on a shelf  (which she purchased and put together)

* purchased and built a nifty shelf for our laundry room

* secured our paintings so they are not constantly crooked

* most of all, it was the wonderful feeling of finally getting some things done that we had wanted to do for years!

She is great to work with – you will love her! – Della, West Seattle